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и че она показала? ты идешь туда, там четверо, разделишь их на два, удушишь свою пару и коничива? а?
AndreyZhuk AndreyZhuk08.11.202111:48ссылка
Четверо разделились на две группы по два человека. Они столкнулись друг с другом и устроили фистинг.

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Fallout,Фоллаут,,фэндомы,Fallout New Vegas,Courier Six,Fallout комикс,без перевода,NCR,Fallout организации

Fallout,Фоллаут,,фэндомы,Fallout New Vegas,Courier Six,Fallout комикс,без перевода,NCR,Fallout организации


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I won't be staying, I know that. Don't see much point in anything night now, ^^^except hunting legionaries. f C'mon, don't snipers work in pains? y M are you | fk gonna J f You'd just be^ a waste of my time, i Now get out k ^^of here.^^Æ Not my job to teach you. Go sign up with the NCR ^and

rWhat the hell are you doing? k I said leaver w I'm showing you I can sit stillt^ If I can stay up here as long as you, I'm not a waste of time. My shift goes until dawn. ^ Well, good thing I won't be doing that then. ^nd I don't have room up here for some kid to be falling asleep. W - f rJmM

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™ Hey, ^ I think I see ksomethingl cactus. J 1 tw m J ■ really t>9H| Out where?. ~ By the- umm. i There's this rock Lthat looks like^ How close to that k center road? A Pretty close, kinda far back from the overpass though. ► Like, closer to the hills^ rLeft side of the t overpass or

Just the one. Probably a scout. kYou can go now. F^What?^ ' No, I'm staying up here till you agree Lto teach me! A morning. Okay, well, uh... goodnight then. at some point, ^ though?^ I'm on a night shift schedule. I'll stay up till ^tomorrow night to fix it^ w I_ oh-0h! ■ Uh, okay.


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